Coinbase has announced that trading of this simple Attention Token will be allowed on the Coinbase Pro platform, and deposits of the token are now being accepted. Trading in the market — that runs on Ethereum — will start after a market begins to plan.

Users will need to bring their particular BAT, the buy of the token is not currently available on the regular

The amount of BAT was around 25 cents as of yesterday but on the current news, it’s gone up by a nickel. It is not tough to speculate that the increased exposure through the Coinbase Pro platform will last that this incline and that BAT can see new highs past its all-time high of more than 60 cents each token. At the next stage, users will be able to post their orders, but no transactions will be implemented, to assist in cost discovery. “Order books will be in the mode for no less than one minute,” Coinbase states. “This market state was shortened to increase market health during launching.”

Afterward, limit orders will begin to match, but traders will continue to be unable to earn market orders for a period of at least ten minutes until full trading is permitted.

In Other News...

The Brave browser project is the principal effort behind BAT, which is aimed at rewarding users for enabling ads. The Brave browser has ads disabled by default.

BAT tokens have a real-world worth delegated by market traders and gain either side of the content world — the audience and the content provider.

This past year, Brave allowed them on YouTube videos and over the past few weeks, before the listing on Coinbase Pro, the market has observed a rally due to the program entering beta and improved awareness.

Current market share reports on browsers do not differentiate user representatives enough to tell the difference between various forks of Chrome; thus, it’s really hard to estimate just how many men and women are using the browser.

But as the market share of it develops, the native utility of the BAT will keep growing, and thus so will for it.

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