Tuesday’s 2018 midterm elections brought the Republican’s control of Congress to a close, with Democrats winning the US House of Representatives.

The crypto community additionally claimed success with various crypto-friendly politicians landing high-income places, headlined by Democrat Gavin Newsom who defeated Republican John Cox by 59 percent to become the new governor of California.

Gavin Newsom is regarded as “pro-bitcoin.” Certainly, he’s willing to take BTC for campaign donations. He also has a list of being pro-technology in general, believing that the government ought to be”performance-based” and that “government information and services at every level should be thoroughly ‘digitized,’ enabling citizens to conduct business with public agencies online.”

Most importantly, he is now the governor of California. This usually means that one of the most influential folks in the most populated country with the most significant tech industry in the United States is friendly to the cause of bitcoin.

In Other News...

This alone is cause to celebrate, possibly, but it does not indicate the Democratic politician is always all in for the many stances that many — though not all — cryptonaughts maintain: the right to privacy, low when any taxes, etc.

It’s no secret that California, especially Northern California, is home to some of the greatest technological and fiscal technology innovation companies in the world. Coinbase, located in San Francisco, is probably relieved to have a Bitcoiner from the governor’s mansion.

The California BitLicense proposal died in the legislature in January, also with a pro-bitcoin governor currently holding sway, it’d be harder to acquire restrictive statements signed into law enforcement.

Freedom to participate and innovate is vital for the growth of a crypto economy, also while other nations may be centered on collecting prices and limiting the activities of crypto exchanges and other kinds of crypto companies, California is still free from overly restrictive laws such as the BitLicense in New York.

Newsom isn’t the only victorious crypto supporter of yesterday’s mid-term elections. Democrat Jared Polis was elected governor of Colorado, edging out Republican Walker Stapleton by a bit more than six points.

Long-time crypto critic, Democrat Brad Sherman, counterbalanced the crypto community’s wins by Newsom and Polis.

Sherman, the incumbent, who won the US House of Representatives 30th District race in California, a post he’s held since 1997, stated Bitcoin should be prohibited.

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