As mentioned, the BCH system will difficult fork on Nov. 15, also Bitmain is reported to be strategizing its function in the coming computing “energy warfare” by reaching out to local mining farms at the coal-rich area of Xianjing.

An unnamed source “familiar with the issue” has claimed that”half [Bitmain’s] advertising staff have gone Xinjiang to converse to local mining operators around deploying gear.”

Since DeepChain summarizes, the energy glut in coal-rich areas like Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia has been valuable for companies like Bitmain, as hydro power stations in southwest China are not able to supply enough capacity to please their energy-intensive requirements.

Beijing-born Bitmain, that is a significant holder of Bitcoin Cash, is financing BCH customer Bitcoin ABC, which has spearheaded the coming hard disk.

CoinGeek, allegedly the biggest BCH mining pool, BMG, and SBI have backed BSV, based on DeepChain, which reports that a few Chinese miners intend to mine BSV as early as Nov. 10 as a”warm-up” to guarantee the largest efficacy by the time that the fork has been initiated.

In Other News...

Especially, biggest global crypto trading system Binance has just declared its support of this tricky disk, a potential reason behind its current significant price hike of this advantage.

Since DeepChain notes, Binance was united by top U.S. crypto exchange Coinbase in supporting the network update.

Bitmain proceeds to compete with other mining apparatus manufacturers to get the technological advantage; this week, the company introduced two brand new 7nm (nanometer) Antminers, armed with next-generation ASIC processors.

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