Bitcoin pioneer Charlie Shrem watched his assets unfrozen yesterday, dealing a significant setback to Gemini founders Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss’ quest to recover more than $30 million worth of crypto funds they allege Shrem stole from them over five decades ago.

BitInstant founder Charlie Shrem has witnessed recent headway in his shield against the Winklevoss twins, seeing his resources unfrozen, according to a Bloomberg report yesterday. “A judge froze Shrem’s assets last month before Shrem learned about the lawsuit, but lifted that order Thursday following a court hearing,” the report said.

Shrem also allegedly transferred to dismiss the case, asserting that he never possessed the specified bitcoin in the first place and they belong to a different, unnamed member of their cryptocurrency space.

Bloomberg states that Winklevoss twins attorney Tyler Meade lobbied for its continuation of this asset freeze, detailing a few of Shrems recent extravagant purchases — such as a $2 million house.

Shrem supposedly has $12 million in property resources.

In Other News...

According to Brian Klein — Shrem’s lawyer — the Bitcoin Foundation creator now holds significantly less in crypto assets.

Klein argued that the litigation ought to be valued at the price of the 5,000 bitcoins in the time of the alleged theft — $61,000, in comparison to their $32 million evaluation today.

Charlie Shrem saw jail time for around a year back in 2015, premiered the following year. His crimes including selling bitcoin to customers of the renowned Silk Road, an internet black market dealing in cryptocurrency.

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