It’s been a really interesting season for Binance. The world’s top cryptocurrency exchange continues to make inroads in many ways. Its venture into Uganda has been well-documented this past year.

There’s also the transfer to Malta in search of favorable regulatory measures. Malta is frequently considered to be the most open-minded concerning cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

In a new twist of events, Binance wants to appeal to professional traders. This is in accord with the organization’s ongoing mission to focus on safety and reliability.

Institutional dealers are a key demographic for the cryptocurrency industry. Numerous businesses aim to tap into this market within the coming years.

By focusing on numerous products, Binance aims to gain a competitive advantage. Some of the upcoming features have been highlighted in a new report. Support for sub-accounts is one of the more notable changes being released.

In Other News...

Any transfer between sub-accounts will even happen without paying penalties. All these’quality of life’ developments could be critical to institutional investors.

Given the number of crypto-related ventures focusing on institutional traders, Binance will face an uphill struggle.

To date, not many of these vehicles have been shown to be somewhat profitable. Even the Bitcoin futures goods are not making the effect many people anticipated initially. Nor is the industry any step closer for a Bitcoin ETF.

With the help of Binance, however, things may look very different. The company is making a lot of strategic decisions which appear to work out nicely. Its new strategic evaluation division has gained some attention.

In addition, the firm continues to expand internationally at an aggressive rate. Singapore is another region of keen interest to the company. With the help of Vertex Ventures, a new fiat-to-crypto trading system will be established.

Since cryptocurrency continues to mature, institutional traders become even more significant. In case the ecosystem doesn’t find new investors, stagnation could be the logical outcome. New capital needs to enter the industry sooner rather than later.

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